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Schön, dass Ihr hier seid. In diesem Shop findet Ihr alles, was Ihr für euren Workflow in Lightroom benötigt. Ob meinen Basis Kurs fürs Einmal-Eins, die Presets oder meine Lightroom Pinsel. Ich bin sicher, hier ist auch für euch genau das Richtige dabei.

Viel Spaß beim Durchstöbern.



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Over the great door of an old, old church which stood in a quiet town of a faraway land there was carved in stone the figure of a large griffin. The old-time sculptor had done his work with great care, but the image he had made was not a pleasant one to look at. It had a large head, with enormous open mouth and savage teeth; from its back arose great wings, armed with sharp hooks and prongs; it had stout legs in front, with projecting claws.